Audioblogger: Speak Up!

This is kind of cool. Too bad the phone number only works in the states. I’m not going to pay long distance just so you kids can listen to me bitch and moan rather than reading it.

I find that I’m posting a lot more often on this blog because I have this little link in my browser now to ‘Blog This!’ It pops open a little window with a little mini form to post from.

This whole blogging thing–especially now that I’ve moved over here to blogger–has gotten me thinking about the power of technology and communication and communications technology. It’s cool shit. I think I’d like to work on getting my blog more exposed. There are like four of you who regularly read this and that’s all well and good, but I’d like to think that what I’m saying might be important to other people too. I guess it’d be like being a mini-celebrity.


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