GOP–can we just say ‘goop’ instead?

I just started listening to Giuliani’s speech from last night. I’ve stopped now because I have to get ready for work. I’ve also stopped, though, because it’s just disgusting. Here’s the opening:

Welcome to the capital of the World.

New York was the first capital of our great nation. It was here in 1789 in lower Manhattan that George Washington took the oath of office as the first President of the United States.

It was here in 2001 in lower Manhattan that President George W. Bush stood amid the fallen towers of the World Trade Center and said to the barbaric terrorists who attacked us, “They will hear from us.”

They have heard from us! They heard from us in Afghanistan and we removed the Taliban. They heard from us in Iraq and we ended Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror.

They heard from us in Libya and without firing a shot Gadhafi abandoned weapons of mass destruction.

They are hearing from us in nations that are now more reluctant to sponsor terrorists.

So long as George Bush is President, is there any doubt they will continue to hear from us until we defeat global terrorism.

I appreciate the linkage of the two Geroges because, clearly, there is a direct link between Washington’s taking his oath of office in Lower Manhattan and Bush’s speech in Lower Manhattan after 9/11. I mean, it’s just so clear and obvious. I think Kos has it right–and I’ve only listened to the first five minutes of the speech.

I think I figured out the formula:





John Kerry sucks

John Kerry is a flip-flopper



No talk about domestic issues. No talk about jobs. Nothing on the economy.

Interesting, that. The war party peddles in fear, because that’s all they have left to sell.

Also, Scout, over at And Then…, pointed out that the backdrop for the stage for the GOP convention is made up of two tall rectangular screens with a square one in between. Hmm. Two tall rectangular screens separated by some space. I feel like it’s supposed to be evoking an image…but I can’t quite place my finger on it. Oh! I know. Wait. Never mind. I’m sure these silly politicians would never stoop so low as to exploit 9/11 for their re-election bid. Naw!


Random thought

Is anyone else confused/bothered by the comodification of Che Guevara? I’m not just talking about ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’, I mean in general. The posters, the tshirts, etc. It occurred to me the other day that I wasn’t even entirely sure who he was. I mean, I knew that he was a socialist, and possibly a communist, and that he had something to do with Cuba. And that Antonio Bandares’s character in ‘Evita’ was ‘Che’. If I’m unsure of who exactly this fellow was, I have difficulty believing that the majority of the people who go around wearing his face on their chest have any clue about who he was or what he stood for. And this, of course, bothers me. Because I don’t get annoyed with enough to begin with.