Terror Alert Code Bullshit

BBC’s top story this morning is that the intelligence used to heighten the terror alert level in NY, NJ and DC was up to four years old. Although they quote a Homeland Security advisor as saying, ‘It appears that some of it may have been updated as recently as January of this year.’ What’s that? ‘It appears’? You can’t tell? You don’t want to tell? What possible security reasons could you have for not saying whether or not the intelligence was new or not? BBC then goes on to say that this same spokesperson denied that the alert was in any way politically motivated.

Meanwhile, CNN’s top story this morning is about hurricane Alex threatening the Outer Banks. As far as their concerned, the arrest in Pakistan of a suspected al-Qaeda opeartive and intelligence garnered from him is what led to the increase in alert level.

From the beginning, I thought this whole terror warning was bull. I find it suspicious that they’ve raised the terror alert two years in a row, right before Christmas. ‘Be afraid! Spend! Spend! Spend!’ ‘Be vigilant, be afraid, but go about your lives as normal. If you don’t, then the terrorists have already won.’ The BBC yesterday also ran an article entitled ‘Washington unfazed by terror threat’ in which those they interviewed basically said that they also thought the terror threat level was bullshit. That there were more media outside the IMF in Washington than extra security.

So, Bush & Co continue to try to control the American people through fear. They conveniently announce the arrest of this suspect in Pakistan the day after the DNC ends. Then, the following week, Tom Ridge announces an increase in the terror alert levels–and gives a stump speech at the same time (see Tom Ridge pulling a campaign speech out of his ass over at And Then… for the pull-quotes).

Oh, and apparently five out of six Americans will cast their votes this year on electronic voting machines WHICH OFFER NO PAPER CONFIRMATION OF THEIR VOTE. In other words, no way to ensure that the vote recorded is the vote they cast and no way to perform a manual recount.

I never thought democracy was the best way anyway.


4 thoughts on “Terror Alert Code Bullshit

  1. haven’t those terror-loving yanks been on line Orange alert for like the past 3 years??? You should link to that thing you showed me where there isn’t really a NON terror alert. Even green was like “mild terror” or something…

    Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if those terrorists just gave up and forgot about the US because they don’t apply anymore.

  2. huh…hey did you know you can;t lkink back to your blog once a post has been posted? I have to hit the baclk button like a zillion times. I find that time consuming and I get bored easily. fix it. 😛

  3. PS Once you post, you get a link to go back to the blog post. Then you can use the ‘Previously…’ sidebar to go back to any of the other previous posts. I guess that’s not really helpful if you want to go back to a more recent one, though. However, you can click on the archives for the appropriate month and that will bring you to the most recent.

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