The Canadian Test…

I’ve recently discovered OK, Cupid! which has lots of fun and exciting tests, like over at Quizilla. I just took the Canadian test and did fabulously, of course. The fun thing about OK, Cupid! is that they give you interesting stats about the other people who took the test, comparing you to them. Stats like this: ‘Of the users who took the test and are male, gay, and in your age group, 100% scored lower than you did.’

Apparently there are no other gay guys from Canada on OK, Cupid! (at least who have taken the test).

In other news, the two classes I had yesterday were a waste of time and they were too small for me to sneak out of. But I think I’m going to take History of Latin America instead of one of them.

And work sucked. A lot.

I’ve been up since 7 again, though I don’t have class until 1. I’d set my alarm for 815, but woke up early. Now it’s off to the library to start the research. Woohoo! Party! Heh.

Ooh! Before I forget. My favourite picture so far from the GOP Convention:


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