from TomDispatch: ‘September 33rd’

[Bush & Co.] have a deep desire to be in a new age of ‘world war.’ It suits their vision of power and dominance, and so they’ve done much to create a world at war; but they also want to be able to cycle endlessly back to their version of September 11th, 2001 as if time itself had stood still. It hasn’t. We are no longer in the world that existed on that terrible day, a world from which there were undoubtedly a number of paths to take, a number of responses open to us all. They took one path. They willingly stepped through the door to carnage that Osama Bin Laden had so thoughtfully left open for them, and so stepped into the world as imagined by a minor Saudi figure, a wealthy young man seized by fundamentalist belief. He had played a modest role in the CIA’s and the Pakistani intelligence services’ successful attempt to turn Afghanistan into the Soviet Union’s Vietnam. He was a man without a home, who had wandered the world making what once seemed grandiose, even ludicrous, pronouncements, but now seem anything but.

It’s kind of nice to see someone echo something I’ve written, though in a rather better and more eloquent and knowledgeable way.


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