Chartwells Not Do

I’m happy to report–for those of you who are no longer McGillers, but who worry about these things–that both the Architecture Café and the Arts Café (Veggirama) are still alive and well and free from the influence of the Evil Empire that is Chartwells. Bring on yummy hot meals in Arts and cheap, yummy fair trade coffee in the Architecture Building. Conveniently enough, I have my History of Latin America class in a GORGEOUS lecture hall in the Architecture Building, just next door to the Architecture Café.

The Chartwells take-over of the Bookstore Café is being pawned off as not in violation of the student-administration agreement by saying that it’s not a new Chartwells establishment since it’s to be a ‘satellite’ of the new Chartwells Management Bistro, which was agreed upon in the Spring. Um…right. And pigs might, at any moment, fly out of my ass. Maybe. It could happen.

(As an aside, I just spell-checked using the Blogger spell checker–at home, I have spell check right in my browser [I heart Safari] and it suggested replacing ‘bistro’ with ‘bigotry’. I didn’t realise that bistro was that uncommon of a word. Hm.)


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