This makes me happy…

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004:   Kerry 280   Bush 248

I realise that I’ve been writing a lot about politics lately and not a whole heck of a lot about my own life. Well, politics has been taking up a lot of the my free-time thought. But, as a brief update on the rest of my life: it’s okay. The bookstore continues to suck the life force from me. Classes are going well, though I feel that I’m not nearly as on top of things as I’d like to be going into mid-October. Grad school applications are still in their preliminary stages, but I’m going to be asking for my recommendation letters this week, so that’s a start. Then it’s just a matter of writing a personal statement and deciding which paper to submit as my writing sample (I have it narrowed down to two different ones). The boy is good, as well. We’re just not talking about the fact that he might actually be leaving the city in January before I do in May.

So, on the whole, nothing too bad.

On one last political note, though, the debate last night made me think of that line from Austin Powers: ‘That makes me angry and when Dr Evil gets angry Mr Bigglesworth gets upset. And when Mr Bigglesworth gets upset people DIE!’ That boy from Texas needs a prosac, methinks.


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