No Surrender, II

Everyone agrees that Bush&Co. stole the election four years ago. If they do it again….

As I suspected–and as has been pointed out over at DailyKos–something’s not right in FL and OH. The link is to a post explaining the very obvious fact that exit polls for everywhere but OH and FL reflected reality. In FL and OH, though, both of which showed Kerry winning by comfortable margins, something happened. What, did people lie?

Somehow I think not.

I’m going to be very punchy today. Not nearly enough sleep. I stayed at the boy’s house last night in order to have access to a tv. (I have to say that I was happy with ABC for not doing stupid things like calling states way too early. They refused, in fact, to call OH. And they called MN and WA quite a while after everyone else had. I guess Peter Jennings still retains some sanity from his Canadian roots.)

Anyway, since I was staying here and leaving for school from here, I had to bring a change of clothes, obviously. I subconsciously made a good choice:


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