Just in case the image doesn’t link, check the link. I really like the look that the Bush twins are going for. One of them is 21st century skank and the other is early 20th century skank. It’s a good balance. Of course, Laura is in her usual Barbie doll pink, smelling of Lysol (see the Margaret Cho post below). Uncle Dick is wearing a black suit, appropriate for Darth Vader. Not sure what Lynne was thinking: lime green is hardly a patriotic colour, unless we count Miami and Key West, and we KNOW what kind of people live THERE. And, gasp, could that be? Mary Cheney! Have they let her come out of hiding? I guess they had to move her out of the Undisclosed Location so they could put Dick back into storage. And who’s that masculine looking woman standing with her?

Vacation’s over, folks! Let’s make these next two years hell for Bush.

Impeachment 2006!


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