A Call to Arms

And that’s the problem with our coalition: it’s mostly made up of leaders counting on rewards, rather than of nations that are really behind us. Tony Blair genuinely believes in the Iraq war as a matter of principle, but the other members of the coalition are mostly opportunists trying to buy good will in the Bush administration.

That’s because a White House that proved immensely sensitive to public opinion in Ohio has been oblivious to public opinion abroad. To his credit, Mr. Bush has tried to mend relations lately, but the damage is done: Americans are dying in Iraq, largely on their own, because Mr. Bush’s bulldozer approach has so alienated potential allies.

But don’t give up. I’ll continue my mission on behalf of Mr. Bush by traveling to two more giants in our coalition: Latvia and Lithuania. Will I find more troops for Iraq? Stay tuned.

I wasn’t sure if this guy was serious or tongue-in-cheek when I started reading. Definitely tongue-in-cheek. See what happens when a NY Times Op-Ed columnist travels to Estonia to see if he can help drum up some more troops for Bush and the Coalition of the Willing. He points out that if each of the nations sent an additional 5,000 troops, the presence of non-US troops would almost double. Too bad Estonia only has an armed forces with 4,000 troops and 60% of the nation is against being involved.


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