One of the reasons I hate my job.

Apparently, at work, we are all three years old.

An email sent out today:


The schedule for the second week of the rush is out.

Please check your schedule and bring to my attention asap any necessary changes.

Please clock in and out on time, meaning the exact time scheduled not an hour before or an hour later ( because you could not come on time or because you had other things to do) than the time scheduled.

I keep repeating the same thing over and over and every time I try to word it differently maybe the message will be clear to you guys.

If you are not on the schedule on a particular day, you cannot work that day.

Please check that you clocked in and out. It is your responsibility every time you work you check your hours.

If you are accurate in the clocking in and out you will avoid a lot of headaches for yourself.

If you want more hours please check with me or check the schedule I see many swaps available.

I will mention it again, if you cannot fin someone to swap with you are responsible for your shift.

In the near future I will bb sending out a memo with new rules re the shifts and working at the bookstore.


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