Much too over-wrought at the moment

I realised today just how stressed I am right now.

My inside feels like a giant spring, coiled and ready to spring at any moment–but no realise in sight.

This is not good. At all.

I can’t remember the last time that I was this stressed. And I’m not even sure why I’m this stressed.

Honestly. I have an exam tomorrow that is going to be a joke. A take-home due Thursday which I have 1/3 written and won’t be a problem to finish tomorrow night/Thursday morning. Then it’s fifteen pages to write for my honours thesis for Monday and another take-home for Tuesday which will also be a breeze to write. And then I’m done.

Yes, I’m worried about the future and post-grad life–but not I’m not this worried. And I’m certainly not one to lie to myself about my feelings.

So why all the tension?

After I finish next week, I plan to go out dancing Tuesday night–and then dancing again on Saturday. Because it has been far too long. That will be stress-relieving. Heavy drinking will probably be involved at some point too.

But I need some heavy-duty decompression. A meditation retreat or something. Serious, hardcore decompression.


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