I broke the fridge

So, we started chipping away at the ice caked on our ice box. The ice having rendered it essentially unusable. We were using screwdrivers and hammers. My roommate started it. And then I punctured the side of the ice box. And it started spraying freon. And that was bad. So we no longer have a big fridge. Because I broke it. It was dying anyway. But, that’s kind of not the point.

Freon leaks are not good things. People can die from freon. But, I figure that people live in California and there’s a lot of freon there. So I’ll probably be okay. We’ve got all the windows open and such. And none of us have any symptoms of freon poisoning. The main symptoms being confusion and sleepiness. Of course, this entire apartment is a zone of confusion and sleepiness so it might be difficult to discern the difference…


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