There’s a TIMMY’S!

Not that I ever go to Tim Horton’s now…but that’s beside the point, in a way.


To boldly go where no Dentyne packet has gone before

Well, probably not. But, I did just accidentally wash a packet of Dentyne with my laundry this morning. Luckily, the foil remained intact and I discovered it before transfering the clothes to the dryer. Crisis averted!

(Does the split infinitive in the title of this post–and in the Star Trek mantra–bother anyone else? I never noticed it before….)

BBC on Will Wright’s new game, ‘Spore’

The newest from the creator of SimCity and The Sims is a life-simulation, where you start our with an amoeba and evolve it into an inter-stellar travelling group of creatures. Sounds fun.

‘You get to play every generation of the creature,’ said Mr Wright. ‘I want something boys can make scary things or casual gamers can make cute things.’

But, what if boys want to make something cute? Is that allowed? Why do we have to assume that boys are only going to want to make scary things. And why can’t boys be casual gamers? Or why can’t girls make scary things? Does this mean that girls can’t be hard-core gamers?

Observations on Mado

So I FINALLY got to go to Mado. Finally. And it was a blast. I think my dance itch has finally been itched.

They played Cotton Eyed Joe–how could I not get my dance itch itched with that. Oh, and there was the 10+ minute Madonna set. That helped, too.

For a last night at Mado for quite a while, I really have no complaints…except one. (You knew there had to be one, right?)

It is this:

Now, it’s one thing when you see one rather attractive young gentleman out of a crowd of generally lacklustre candidates. It’s another when you see two rather attractive young gentlemen out of a crowd of rather lacklustre candidates. The unfairness begins when they see each other and proceed to go at it. On the one hand, it’s like having your own personal soft-core porn performance. On the other hand, it just seems oh-so-cruel.

I have to be to work in six hours, which means I have to be up in four and a half, which means I should go to bed.

Tomorrow is going to be a very long day.