Just in case you forgot

1625 Americans have been killed in Iraq to date.

And at least 21,705 Iraqis have been killed.

I’m home sick and since I wanted something uplifting to do, I’m rewatching Fahrenheit 9/11. There’s nothing like starting the day with a good, frustrated cry. It’s very easy to avoid hearing about the deaths when I’m not in the States and when I don’t watch the news.

But every time I go home, and the news happens to be on and they talk about yet another young American killed halfway around the world, I get chocked up. I realise that the whole point of this film is to anger the audience into action. But when I almost cry watching the news it’s because I realise the ultimate futility of what is going on and the deception that takes place in the States on a daily basis.

We’re bringing democracy and freedom to the Iraqi people. Those permanent bases that we’re building, oh, those are nothing. Ignore those. And the oil? Well….

15 days and counting until I return.


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