It should have been over by now

I’ve been up since about six. Had to go to the boonies to pick up my cute little U-Haul. Have been working on moving the roomies since about 11. They were, um, kind of packed. I’m much more kind of packed than they are. I just need to take apart my Ikea furniture and finish packing my clothes. It’s madness at the apartment right now and I have absented myself because I just couldn’t handle it. I’ll have to go back eventually as I have to drive the truck to the new apartment. I really really really hope that it’s just one more trip with their stuff and then we can pack up my stuff and I can go to sleep. It won’t be a very good sleep, but it will be sleep nonetheless. I think I’m going to head back to the apartment now, actually, and see where they’re at. I may try to get in a cat nap–though at this point, I doubt I’d wake up again.


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