An ice cream truck!

An ice cream truck just went by my apartment! How exciting!

And, I made a friend today at the laundramat, where I was almost all day, catching up on the back-log of laundry. Yay!

The unpacking continues. I’ve got the bookshelf up and the books for the summer unpacked. There are a few that I need to fish out of the other boxes of books that are going to go into storage. I changed my mind about not having them here and since I took them all with me, I may as well get them. I’ll have my dad come up as soon as he can to take them back to Mass-a-two-shits so they aren’t taking up too much room.

In other news, my new mobile can not only take pictures, it can also take video! I don’t know why I’d need to be able to capture video with my PHONE but apparently I might need to.

There is distressingly little counter space in the kitchen here. Less than in my old apartment–and there wasn’t much there, so you can only imagine. PLUS, the fridge and stove are on one side of the front door and the sink and counters and cabinets are on the other side, and up a bit because of where the bathroom is. Which means that the prep area is something like two metres from the cooking area. Dumb dumb dumb. Clearly someone who doesn’t cook designed this kitchen.

There is also virtually no cabinet space. I miss the pantry of infinity that was in the old apartment. We need to find a shelving solution for the kitchen. Desperately. Also a surface area solution. Some sort of tray on wheels wouldn’t be bad. Not necessarily even on wheels. Just something that can stand next to the prep area and get brought over to the stove.

Also, I need to have a very serious talk with my friend when she comes back from her little camping/training adventure on a topic that might very well determine the fate of this little roommate experiment. SHE HAS NO SPICES IN THE HOUSE! (aside from salt, pepper and chilli powder) Now, I’ve been criticised sometimes in the past for the lack of spices I’ve used in my own cooking, but that was mostly because I was still working on learning how to cook myself, trying to figure out how things tasted without spices and trying to figure out what spices would do to the flavour of things. I’m still learning, of course, but have definitely broadened my spice horizons.

In any event, I foresee a trip to Target this weekend as I need to buy a coffee grinder anyway. I suspect she’s just not a big cooker. That will change, however, if I have anything to say about it….

Back to unpacking!


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