Timmy Ho’s!

I went out to the mall today. It was about as exciting as malls tend to be. I failed in my quest, which was to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter so that I can transfer things between my new phone and my computer. If I had not failed, I would be able to post pictures to prove that there is indeed a Tim Hortons here–I even had lunch there! AND it’s a 24 hour drive through Tim Hortons (not that this does me any good, not having a car and all).

On my way home, two cute Mormons tried to pick me up. No, not THAT way, but it’s more fun to think of it that way. I told them that I would ask God about Joseph Smith tonight in my prayers and dodged giving them my phone number, claiming that I didn’t have one yet.

Sometimes I’m just too nice. I feel like an ass to blow people off, though.


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