I got my little Bluetooth dongle for my computer today so that I can transfer things between my phone and my laptop. I now have ‘Secret Agent Man’ as my ringtone. And I now have pictures to show you! This thing doesn’t take bad little pictures all things considered. I took a little video, too, of the ocean, but I need to find somewhere to host it, as Flickr only does pictures as I far as I know.


Timmy’s! (I don’t know why the first one is so small)

On Sunday, I saw this guy on Commercial Street, which is the street that runs along the waterfront. He was wearing a lobster costume. It’s not very well centred because it was taken from a moving vehicle.

And just for comparison sake, here is my old phone, lounging before I sent it off to be recycled by Motorola–it served me well and faithfully for four years.

And, here is my new phone, artfully self-photographed in the bathroom mirror.


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