Wee for free wireless

I found a new free hotspot. In a cute little park downtown, right next to the restaurant that I ate at yesterday with free wireless. Free wireless definitely rocks. Especially when you can sit outside in the GORGEOUS weather we’re having today. It’s currently 24C with a light breeze and 58% humidity, i.e. perfect.

I almost put an application in at Starbucks today. Almost. I have it. I started to fill it out even. I checked back at the bookstore that was hiring and they’ve filled the position. 😦 The bookstore that I really wanted to work at (Casco Bay Books) is going to be hiring, but probably not until the end of next month. And even then it’ll only be part time. It seems that the manager at the other café that looked like a possibility is just never there. And still nothing from the publisher. I will likely fill out the Starbucks application even though they’re not hiring at the moment. I also filled out an application for two different kitchenware stores, one of which is this place: Stonewall Kitchen. Neither of them are hiring but the semi-cute gay manager at Stonewall said ‘you never know’. Oh, yes, I worked that angle. Of course, he only showed up after I’d finished filling out the application and had spent time chatting with the girls behind the counter.

The search continues….


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