Strangest dream ever

The context for this dream is that my roommate is going to see our mutual ex-boyfriend, who was the guy that I dated in high school who had grown up on the South Shore and who was the reason that I first heard about McGill and then decided to apply. Actually, we had broken up by the time I applied, but, obviously, it worked out well anyway. We ran into each other a few times while I was in Montreal and I heard about him through the grapevine while I was there. He IM’ed me a bunch of times and I ignored him because I didn’t feel that I had anything to say. And it was always awkward when we would run into each other at a club or something. I’m not really sure why. I honestly don’t remember specifically why we broke up other than the fact that he was getting really frustrated about the whole situation (which was understandable, but a bit of a long story to get into here just to contextualise the dream). All the same, I think it was just one of those high school relationships that wasn’t really destined to go anywhere. According to my roommate, he’s finally gotten his shit together–which was definitely something that he really really needed to do.

And now he’s down visiting old friends in Boston with his family. And she’s going to see him tomorrow. When she first mentioned that she was going last week she said I could go if I wanted to and I just didn’t respond, pretended that I didn’t hear. I’m not really sure why. I thought about trying to get in touch with him before I left Montreal but didn’t really make a concerted effort to do so. And now I have the chance to see him. I could just tell my roommate when she gets home–even tomorrow–that I wanted to come along. She wouldn’t care and I’m sure he wouldn’t either. I don’t have any strong bad feelings towards him at this point. Yet I don’t have any strong good feelings towards him either. Do I sound like I’m trying to convince myself of something?

And now to the dream.

It involved roller blading which, if you know me, is strange enough to begin with, because roller blades scare the shit out of me. It gets stranger, though, because it involved roller blading down I-93 from the town I grew up in towards Boston with my best friend from high school and a few other people, including the ex, but not my now current roommate. As usual in dreams, the ex looked nothing like how he actually looks, but I knew it was he.

So, we’re roller blading down the highway, along with cars, as if this were entirely normal. And I’m way out in front a lot of the time, which made me more of a target for the traffic, which was made up mostly of obnoxiously large pick-up trucks.

We weren’t going to Boston, though, we were going to the Stone Zoo, which is the most ghetto zoo I’ve ever been to. Major the Polar Bear used to live there and it was really sad because his enclosure was all concrete and very 1950s. Architecturally kind of nice, but not somewhere I’d want to live as a polar bear. All day he would walk around the edge of his pool on the other side of which was a fifty foot drop in a sort of gentle slope. This is what separated the visitors from the animals in a lot of the exhibits. I was happy when old Major finally died because it meant that he was finally out of his misery.

Now, as if this dream wasn’t strange enough to begin with roller blading down the interstate with a high school ex-boyfriend that I have only lukewarm feelings towards, but after we got off the interstate, everything changed and I was suddenly in an episode of Sex and the City–IN Stoneham (where the Stone Zoo is) although populated with spots that looked quite like Portland. From there it gets kind of fuzzy. I do remember that it was some strange thriller/mystery episode where someone was trying to kill of Carrie via a gorgeous new boyfriend. Or maybe it was something about getting her pregnant against her will or something. In any event, it was very odd and very confusing which is probably why I don’t remember the specifics of it. I forget exactly how I fit in, but I remember finding out at the end that I was an unwitting accomplice to the whole thing and getting quite angry, especially because Miranda had been helping the bad guys do whatever it was that they were trying to do. Then I tried to commandeer a city bus to go after the little old lady (that my mind possibly based on Magdah, Miranda’s nanny?) who was the head of the evilness afoot. I thought it was going to work, because I managed to flag down this empty bus that started following the other city bus that the little old lady had escaped on except that it turned out that the two bus routes just happened to follow each other for a while and then diverged and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t manage to get the bus driver to follow the other bus.

And then I woke up.

Like I said, strangest dream ever.


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