A few minor blog changes and some ramblings

Added Preshrunk to the Daily Reads. It’s a blog about cool t-shirt designs.
Added Salty Sea Stories to Connecting the Blogosphere. It’s something that doesn’t look like it’s going to get updated very often but based on the first post, probably a lot of fun to read.

I’m reading ‘The Sun Also Rises’ to tide me over until I get HP6.

And, for what it’s worth, I’ve been listening to the Clash a lot recently.

Also, I have a tentative date with the EMT on Thursday. Um…I don’t think I’d mentioned that here, actually, did I? Last Saturday, my roommate phoned me up to come meet her and another friend for a drink at the resto down the street where we know the bartender quite well (we had dinner there last night, incidentally, and were in for a drink on Thursday. Yeah, we’re regulars.) In any event, I’d been pretty lazy all day and was wearing some crappy jeans and a crappy t-shirt pockmarked with cat claw holes. It’s not totally gross, but not really something I’d wear unless I was going out just to meet some friends for a drink or something unimportant like that.

So I get there and first I was totally thrown off because we were apparently sitting at the opposite end of the bar from where we usually sit. That totally threw me off to begin with. And then our friend nods to a group of guys at the other end of the bar, where we normally sit, and singles one out and says that he wants to meet me. And I’m like, ‘What?! I’m not dressed to meet anyone! Why didn’t you tell me!?’ Ugh. Girls. This would explain why my roommate had been so insistent that I had to come for a drink.

So, we did meet and we talked and an enjoyable conversation it was. He’s sort of seeing someone right now and I think I made it clear that I’m not really looking for anything romantic right now anyway although he kept saying that he wished he’d met me two weeks earlier, before he started seeing this other guy. My response to that is that life always has its reasons.

We exchanged numbers but I decided that the ball was entirely in his court, even if this does just remain on the level of friendship, which would be fine by me. He phoned me on Tuesday, just as I was getting to work but I told him that I’d get back to him later in the week once my work week finished (I’m working at the resto Sun-Wed). I phoned him yesterday to see what his weekend plans were and he was fairly well booked though he said he might maybe be free this afternoon but, if not, the next good day for him was going to be Thursday.

So we have a tentative date for Thursday. An early dinner around 5. I’m not sure why so early, but as I have that day off anyway as of right now, It’ll give my day some kind of structure. I find that I’m really not working enough right now to give my days a lot of structure or to even really give me a good sense of a week and weekend. I know I shouldn’t complain about this but it does get a bit frustrating. That should be solved, soon, though, as I have orientation for the café job on Monday and a short training shift on Tuesday. I’ll be working a few training shifts this coming week before I start full-time the first week of August.

In any event, I’m not sure what to think about the situation yet. I suppose that’s fine given I’ve only just met him. He’s rather older than I am and although I tend to go for older guys, it’s usually only by a few years, not a few decades. If anything, that would be the major obstacle in my head to a romantic relationship with this guy. But, like I said, I’m certainly open to friendship. If anything, he seems to be a genuinely friendly guy, which, needless to say, are few and far between. Oh, and he’s an EMT. I asked the bartender about him and she had nothing but praise for him and very strongly suggested that I just wait and see where things go.

I know I always think too hard about these things at the beginning so consider this post my thinking too hard about it and getting it out of the way and trying not to worry about it anymore.


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