What does one wear to a summer garden-party wedding when one has been asked to be best man?

I love my dad. Really I do. And I love his fiancée–to become his wife (third, for those of you keeping score at home. In this case, I think the third time is the charm) just under two weeks from now.

However, I don’t love the fact that when I spoke to him on Sunday he said to me, ‘Oh, by the way, make sure you bring a suit because you’re going to be the best men/ring bearer.’

‘Oh, I said. Thanks for giving me the heads-up.’

I own exactly one suit and it’s black. Good general colour to have. It has served me well. But it’s not exactly the right colour for a wedding–never mind a summer garden-party wedding. So I have less than two weeks to buy a new suit appropriate for a summer garden-party wedding and approximately $150 with which to buy it–MAYBE another hundred depending on how large my first paycheque is from the café (I’ll get that tomorrow). Still, even $250 is not all that much. Actually, if I can pull together $250 I’ll feel pretty okay. It’s not going to be designer, that’s for sure–I’ll likely have to take a trip out to the Men’s Warehouse or whatever that place is by the mall. Point being that I obviously want to have something nice to wear, something distinctive, something stylish.

Problem is, I don’t know what. I don’t really want to go with a grey suit. I don’t really want to go with a khaki-coloured suit, either. I’ve really been wanting to buy a pin-strip suit, but that would imply blue and that doesn’t really seem like the right colour to go with. There are some really nice shirt and tie combos in one of the stores downtown–striped shirts and matching ties–I really like the lime green one, though it probably wouldn’t look so great with my dark features.

Oh, woe is me. Ideas are of course welcome.

I haven’t posted much recently because the last person that I was stealing wireless internet from has moved out! This is the real tragedy! I’ll probably do more audio posts, I guess, until that gets all figured out but I like being able to write out my thoughts much better since I always ramble on and on when I make audio posts. If the lack of home internet persists, maybe I’ll just type out posts and then read them rather than just phoning up AudioBlogger and having a go at it.

In other news, tonight is my last night washing dishes! Yay! And tomorrow is my first day of being full-time at the café! Yay! I’m basically going to be working all the time now. Good for my bills and my debt, bad for the rest of my life–although given the weekend I’ve just had that’s actually probably not really a bad thing….

The mantra of this past weekend was ‘Boys are nothing but trouble. I should not let the cute boys continue to buy me drinks or ply me with Canadian beer (although yum Alexander Keith’s–the first beer I ever got drunk on) or pour me more wine. If they continue to do this, I should throw rocks at them to make them go away.’

I of course did not throw rocks but allowed drinks to be bought for me and allowed myself to be plied with beer and wine and cocktails. It was a messy weekend. Friends of friends were in town from NYC (one of them Canadian and recently having returned from visiting fam in NB, hence the Keith’s). Much being hung-over as a result of much too much to drink. I have sworn off alcohol for….well, at least a week. I think I’ve drank more here in the past two months than I did in five years of university. Not sure how that works, but, GOD do people drink like fishes here. Maybe it’s the whole being next to the ocean thing.

In any event, stupid, late, drunken nights aside, I am fairly smitten with the EMT previously mentioned. For the record he’s a bit younger than I thought (39 as opposed to his mid 40s). Still older than I usually go for, but age is just a number, after all. Part of me feels very unsure about starting something right now while another part of me thinks that a relationship would probably be a good thing right now. Never mind the fact that he’s still technically seeing someone else. We’ll ignore that little bit of potential drama for the moment because it’s just easier to do so. It’s not really my drama to deal with, it’s his, but I, of course, am implicated in it by virtue of being in the position of ‘the other man’.

Ah, drama. It never fails to find me.


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