Afternoon update

Because my roommate cannot go with me to the wedding because of a stupid work thing that she can’t get out of, I’ve had to seek alternate transportation. Initially, I figured I’d just take the train down to Massachusetts and have my aunt and uncle pick me up and then go out to the wedding with them. Somehow my mother got involved. She’s been wanting to come visit me since I got here but is studying for her board exams for nursing and told me that she wanted to get those out of the way first. Fine. You all know how rosy my relationship is with my mother anyway. Now, however, she wants to come up for a few days next week and then drive me down to my aunt and uncle’s place. No firm details yet, but she wants to come up maybe Wednesday with my little brothers and then leave mid-afternoon on Friday after I finish work. They won’t stay with me of course, and I’m working every day next week anyway, but they create stress wherever they go. Kill me now.

As for the suit. Thanks for all the suggestions. For the record, it’s going to be a fairly informal wedding. Garden setting. Late morning into the afternoon. I’ve been told to wear whatever I want to wear. There are no bridesmaids nor are there any groomsmen. My father is wearing a charcoal grey suit with a lavender (!) shirt and a Jerry Garcia tie. I assume the bride is wearing white, although I don’t actually know for sure. I did talk to her and she’s the one who told me specifically to wear whatever I wanted to wear. I’m going to hit a few of the vintage stores in town today to see what I can find. I’m thinking a sort of chocolate or espresso brown–not too dark, not too light. We’ll see what I come up with.

Also, it’s looking like I’ll end up getting called into work this afternoon at some point as there are two blocks blocked off to traffic downtown for the festival, one of which is the block that the café is on. Ah well. As long as I can get some shopping in before I get called, I’ll be happy.


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