That is a sigh of relief that my mother has decided not to come up and visit me this week. She realised how stupid it would be to come up for two days with my little brothers since I’m working the whole time anyway.

I really do love my new job. I love it so much that I worked a ten hour day yesterday during which I sat down for about ten minutes. It was great. Stupidly busy because of the stupid festival about which more people complained yesterday. My manager was trying to get me today off with no luck. I have someone who can potentially take my shift tomorrow although I think I’d rather have this coming Friday off. Still, I could use a day off at this point when I didn’t have to worry about going to work or maybe going to work. Plus, tomorrow I was already filling in for someone closing and then I’m supposed to open the next morning. That’s not so bad–closing means that I’d get out of there by 9 and opening is 6. Not great but doable. And, hell, at this point, if I work until Friday without a day off, I’ll have worked fifteen days in a row! Wee! So, I guess I’ll take advantage of getting tomorrow off. Then I’ll work Wed-Fri and have three days off for my dad’s wedding this weekend.

I had no luck finding a suit in any of the vintage shops in town unfortunately which means that tonight after work I’ll be heading out to the Men’s Warehouse. Blech. Maybe I’ll find something perfect though. One never does know.

Oh, and as it turns out, my roommate’s work thing got cancelled so she can come to the wedding with me! Yay! This means we actually get to spend more than a few hours together! We live together, but our schedules have been so opposite that we hardly ever see each other! I think we’ll probably spend the day in Northampton on Sunday, which will be a lot of fun. Of course, it’s like a four hour drive back here, I’m guessing, which means that we probably won’t stay too too late. She’s driving, though, so it’ll be up to her. Her car is a standard and I don’t drive standard very well. Sucks to be her, all that driving with which I’d gladly help out. Ah well.

I’ve been coming down to Casco Bay Books every few days to check my email using their wireless connection. None of the cute boys are working this morning right now. Alas. Life goes on.


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