It went well. Finished right before the monsoon rains. I can’t believe we fit all this stuff into two rooms! Hopefully there will be pictures soon once we’re all set up!


Short update

Things are well. I’m still alive. I’m moving in six days to an apartment where I’m guaranteed to be able to get on the internet, as our upstairs neighbours have wireless. And we knows them. So they won’t mind us borrowing some bandwidth.

Still seeing the new boy, who I guess doesn’t necessarily qualify as new anymore.

Still enjoying work.

Am getting a cold, but hoping to lay low today and tomorrow and try to fight it off.

We’ll see how that goes.

Hope everyone out there is well!

A week of mixed signals and a new boy

Despite the fact that the paramedic broke things off a week ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find any difference in his actions towards me aside from the fact that we kiss on the cheek now when we see each other. He’s phoned me every day just to see how I’m doing and to see what I’m up to. The few times this week that I’ve seen him, there have been definite strong suggestions of continued feelings. In fact, even when he broke things off, he told me that the other guy, who it makes more sense for him to see, wasn’t me, even though he wished he were. After a mere handful of days of mixed signals, I called him on the mixed signals on Tuesday. He apologised but defended himself by saying that they were the product of mixed feelings on his part about having broken things off with me. Not exactly helpful.

I saw him last night when I went to the neighbourhood resto to meet some friends for a drink. He had been out to dinner elsewhere with some friends and then they stopped in for a few drinks. They were already fairly drunk. I was pleasantly buzzed myself but certainly well in control. He wasn’t bad, but his mixed feelings certainly manifested themselves more clearly through the haze of cocktails. The bartender, who knows him fairly well, asked me if I’d noticed his rather different behaviour over the past week or so. I barely know him, but I said I had. We both decided that it must be the beginnings of a mid-life crisis which will probably just deepen as the weeks go on unless he snaps out of it. It could get rather dramatic rather quickly from the look of things. Wee!

As for me, I still have feelings for him, despite his recent stupidity but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I do feel that it’s the best thing in the long-run. I also had a good conversation with a friend of his on Thursday. She suggested that at the base of his cutting things off was that he wanted to do what is best for me. That basically he realises that we’re at two different places in our lives right now and that even if we could have a great relationship, it wouldn’t be the right thing for me to do. I suspect she’s probably fairly close to the mark. Although I think that it has as much to do with his coming Age 40 freak out as it does with concern for me.

Now for the other part of the post subject.

I went into work on Wednesday and one of my co-workers asked me if I were going to go to another co-worker’s party on Thursday. I hadn’t noticed the sign up in the dish room and said that I likely wouldn’t since I had to open on Friday (i.e., I had to get up at 5, be to work at 6). All the same, he told me that he had been told to tell me that I had to go. That I didn’t have a choice. Since there was a boy that was going to be there that wanted to meet me. Given that I figured I could use something to take my mind off the paramedic (and when have I ever been one to say no to meeting a new boy?), I went. As it turns out, this boy works at one of the places I had dropped off a resumé back in June and he had kept seeing me around town since. Finally, he noticed that I was working where I’m at now and, conveniently, one of his friends also works there. So, she was told that she had to ensure that we would meet at some point, preferably soon.

We met at the party and talked rather a lot. He’s very shy, which means that he’s also very sweet. He’s also from Massachusetts, although nowhere near where I grew up. We’ve spent a fair bit of time together the past couple of days and things are going fairly well so far. In direct opposition to the way that things progressed with the paramedic, it has been a lot of one-on-one time as a opposed to a lot of social out-and-about time.

As always, I’m making no assumptions about things because that always leads to let downs. Needless to say, though, I will keep things updated here.

In other news, I’m getting a promotion at work! I forget if I’d mentioned the possibility here before or not, but it’s pretty official now, as the new manager asked me today what I thought about starting to train for shift leader this coming week. More responsibility, a dollar more an hour, and keys to the store–in case I NEED a cappuccino at four in the morning. It’s nice to know that I didn’t go to university for nothing and that a history degree can be useful for something other than teaching history. 😉 (This of course has nothing to do with the fact that I have a degree and that it’s in history, but I just thought I’d throw that in there anyway.)

That’s all for now. I’ll update again next time I get down here to use their wireless. Hope things are well with everyone else.

Update @ 21.20: So the paramedic decided to drop by the bookstore where I was checking my email and such just to say hi, since I’d mentioned that I was going to be there. He later invited me out for drinks with him and a few of his friends. I politiely declined. Instead, I’m waiting for the new boy to come over to hang out and watch a movie. I got a text message from a friend suggesting that maybe it’s just best to avoid the paramedic. I texted back, ‘Ya think? said sarcastically.’