I was going to bitch about work…

…and then I read this blog entry and it made me realise how petty my bitching about work might be. Now, I could bitch about the gay community. But I won’t. I’ll just say that I’ve been reading Larry Kramer’s Faggots on and off for a few months now–I really ought to have finished it months ago as it is not a difficult read–and it’s very bothersome to realise just how little has changed.

It was written pre-Aids. We’re almost 30 years into this epidemic and things have changed so very little. Oh so very little.

Work sucks right now because half my staff are new and are no good and are showing no sign of improvement. One of them reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. Can you imagine working with Napoleon Dynamite in a café? Sometimes I think about slitting my wrists with the non-sharp end of a butter knife. Especially when he asks me for the third time in two hours if chai lattes have espresso in them.

Tomorrow will be better, though, because I get to clean the basement and dishroom at work. I know this makes me a freak, but I’m actually looking forward to doing it because it will mean that it will all be organised and make sense and look pretty. I can only hope that it will stay that way.


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