New Man Purse

This soon will be mine:

I was a bad, bad bear and used my Canadian Visa card, which I’m only supposed to be paying off, to buy it. But the bag I bought at H&M last summer finally gave out (the one with the palm trees on it, for those of you who had seen it) and I’m going a little nuts not having a bag. I figured I might as well get something nice that I know will last forever and ever rather than just another cheap-o one. Plus, I wanted something that I could carry my laptop in that isn’t a knapsack because my knapsack is huge. It’s great for trips to the library and such when writing papers. But I’m not doing that anymore and so just to carry a laptop in, it’s too big.

In any event, I will have my new man purse in 3-5 business days.

Just thought I’d share.


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