I (heart) the Catholic Church

But the short document did not define terms like ‘tendencies,’ ‘deep-seated,’ or ‘overcome,’ though on Tuesday, Cardinal Grocholewski gave several specific instances of homosexuality that could be considered ‘transitory’ and therefore possibly acceptable

‘For example, some curiosity during adolescence, or accidental circumstances in a state of drunkenness, or particular circumstances like someone who was in prison for many years,’ he said in the Vatican Radio interview.

Wednesday’s New York Times

So, you can’t be gay and be a priest anymore. But if you’re only gay when drunk, that’s okay. And if you’ve been in prison and you had to decide who got the top bunk and who got the bottom bunk somehow, well, that’s okay too. As long as you’re still not gay, that’s okay to be a priest. Especially no worries about your having been in prison for a long time.


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