Relatively painless

Yay! I filled my US taxes! I should have lots of money soon, with which I will purchase new glasses!

I’m still waiting for my paperwork from Canada so I can file those taxes too…. Oh, and did I rant about my bank refusing to cash my refund cheque from my Canadian federal taxes from last year because it’s dated more than six months ago–even though I just got it now? My bank are a bunch of poopy-heads, but the nice people at Revenue Canada said that if I just write them a letter, they’ll mail me out a new cheque.

I (heart) Canada.

What was not at all relatively painless was the migraine that I developed shortly after getting to work yesterday and that did not subside until about an hour after work. And I had no chance to leave to get anything for it because we were steadily busy thanks to the Sigur Rós concert across the street last night. At least the Sigur Rós fans were nice and articulate and tipped well—and had the common decency not to use us merely for our washroom. Unlike the concert last week that populated downtown with little gothlings who did nothing but buy hot chocolate and not tip and make a mess in the washroom.


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