Southern Maine Pride 2006

Tomorrow’s schedule:

Noon. Parade followed by the festival thingy.

2.30. Meet up with co-worker to watch the US get slaughtered by Italy in World Cup game.

Rest of the afternoon. Unplanned.

Early evening. Unplanned but will likely involve checking out the block party, popping into various and sundry providers of fine alcoholic beverages to say hello and happy pride to my favourite bartenders and probably getting dinner at some point.

Late evening. Dancing, dancing, dancing at the pier dance. Which, fingers crossed, will be on the pier this year and not in the Civic Center. The forecast is calling for isolate thunderstorms. Hopefully they will stay isolated to areas far beyond Portland.

In other news, the Christian Civic League (neither very Christian nor very Civic…discuss) is going to be protesting the parade. Because they’re like that. If you’re so inclined, here’s their press release about it:

It brings to mind a quote that I posted two years ago for Montreal pride from Harvey Milk.

We must destroy the myths once and for all, shatter them. We must continue to speak out. Most importantly, every single gay person must come out […]. [O]nce they realise that we are indeed their children, that we are indeed everywhere, then every myth, every lie and innuendo will be destroyed once and for all.

Apparently, the Civic League are concerned to report the truth about what is going to happen tomorrow during the parade. In a public area. No doubt, whatever they do report will be sensationalised. The point being, I won’t be surprised if some innocent Civic League member sees someone they know in whatever footage they might show and is shocked and appalled by seeing someone they know at such an ungodly event.

But that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? We are everywhere. We are their children. Once they realise that, it’s not so scary anymore.


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