Why does the classical music on MPBN in the mornings suck so much?

Often, as of late, when I’m walking home I think of great blog topics. Things I really ought to sit down and write on if not here at least in my personal journal.

And then I don’t.

Because I get home and sit down and am just utterly exhausted. Work has been crazy busy lately. We’ve had a definite upswing in business since the beginning of September and it’s not just that students are back in town. Thankfully, it hasn’t been too frustrating, just really busy. It’s keeping us on our toes to be sure.

So, that’s mostly the reason that I’ve not been posting much recently: I’ve just been damned tired. I’ll try to keep better on top of it, though.

I’ll have something to blog about later this weekend anyway: I’m going to see my mother on Saturday for the first time in almost a year. I offered an olive branch and it was accepted. I’m going to be in Massachusetts to babysit my cousins (a long way to go, yes, but I’m happy to do it) on Friday and Saturday until my grandparents take over Saturday afternoon, which is when I’ll see my mother. It will be a very defined period of time since my train back to Maine leaves at 7pm. From the beginning, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.


One thought on “Why does the classical music on MPBN in the mornings suck so much?

  1. I Hate MPBN classical!! I am a member and I like the news and such, But I can not take 3 hours of non stop crappy classical everyday! I wrote them an e-mail telling them so. Also the weekend opera is way too long, I hate crappy opera as well. Yea I know….whine whine. 🙂 Maybe if enough people complain they might change their programming.

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