Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
mi rirovai per una selva oscura,
ché la diritta via era smarrita.

Mentre ch’i’ rovinava in basso loco,
dinanzi a li occhi mi si fu offerto
chi per lungo silenzio parea fioco.
Quando vidi costui nel gran diserto,
‘Miesere di me,’ gridai a lui,
‘qual che tu sii, od ombra omo certo!’

I got my new MacBook today. As I mentioned in a previous posting, when Squirt died, he already had a name before he arrived: Virgil, after Dante’s guide through Hell and Purgatory. Not a guide so much as a companion as a get through this mid-twenties angst thing that seems to be defining my life right now.

That, and he’ll come in rather handy for work. Now that I’ve been promoted and all. The inevitable has happened and they’ve made me a manager. I say inevitable like it’s a bad thing but actually I’m rather excited about the new position. It’s a new position for the youngest location. I have a lot ahead of me to get things on track and to help to grow that location but it’s going to be oh so much fun too since it’s very much meant to be a location focused more on education and engagement rather than just a place to pop in for a cup of coffee. Tastings, mini-classes, drop-in workshops. Stuff like that. I’m not really going to get into details because most of them have to be worked out but it’ll all start to take shape in the new year. For now, we have to get through the holiday season. Which shouldn’t be too bad. We’re well organised and we made it through last year rather unscathed.

As for myself, Yanksgiving was pretty good last week. Aside from the almost 500 miles of driving in two days and the horrendous rain on the drive home Thursday night. I managed to fit in both Mum and Dad over two days. Dinner with Dad and Step-Mum and that side of the family on Thursday, which was lovely. I hadn’t seen them since last Christmas and it was really great to hang out even if it was only for eight hours.

Other than that, nothing really new to report. My roommate was in Montréal over the holiday (so jealous!) and she brought me back bagels and chocolate. Yum. I’m so easy to please.

That’s all for now, I think. Now that I have a computer of my own again, perhaps I’ll be better at keeping this silly thing up-to-date. Or not. We’ll see.

Oh, one final thing: I started reading Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections over the weekend. I’m only about 75 pages into it but it’s fantastic. Kind of like a car wreck. Really uncomfortable but you just can’t look away.


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