Blog updating

I need to rework this layout, methinks. Update my links. As Kit-Cat has noted, the Dancing Banana disappeared a long time ago. Alas. Blogger has recently updated itself and added some new tools and such. I need to update my template to be inline with their changes but they’ve warned me that I will lose many of the changes that I may have made to this template in the update process. I don’t think I quite have the ambition to do that right now. Soon, though, perhaps.

I’m trying to decide what to do with my day off today (other than continue to get sucked in by the car-wreck of a novel that is The Corrections. It’s a grey and cold day here by the sea. Looks like it could snow but it’s not going to get quite that cold. It’s 4c now and we have a high only of 6c today.

I’m listening to The Mavericks’ ‘Music for All Occasions’, which I’ve not listened to in quite a while. I think they should have called it ‘Music for when you’re depressed about a breakup’. Not that I’m any more or less depressed about things right now than I’ve been. Actually, I’m in a vaguely better space than I was a few weeks ago round about the one year anniversary of my first date with the ex. I am, perhaps, way too nostalgic for my own good.

I think I’ll shower soon and head out into the world with the new toy. Take it out on the town and go to Casco Bay Books and work on some stuff. I happily was able to retrieve all of my files from my old iBook since it was only the video card that had gone and not the whole thing. I had been working on and off on an essay about the importance of costumer education in coffee and now, especially with my new position, I think it’s really important that I work on that. Make a sort of essay-length mission statement for myself. A raison d’être for the new position. As I keep saying to people as I’ve been explaining my new job, coffee is one of the ways in which globalisation can actually work—as long as it’s done correctly. Coffee is second only to oil in terms of the amount of money traded around the world for it and it impacts so many lives around the globe. Coffee is one of the few things that cuts across global cultures in its consumption and we owe it to the people who produce it to care for it and respect it.

Okay. That’s enough sentimentalism for the moment. I need to save that for the essay.


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