Taxes. Check.

Yay. My taxes are done. And though the magic of direct deposit and electronic filing, I’ll have a whole bunch of refund money soon. Whatever shall I do with it? Probably I should save it. At least some of it. Or put it towards paying off my new computer. Yeah. But I also kind of want to take a weekend trip somewhere. Hmm. But I’m also going on a week-long trip somewhere in June. Decisions, decisions.


Get out of my head, Rob Brezsny!

CANCER (June 21 – July 22): It’s Be Your Own Muse Week, Cancerian. How should you observe this festival? Here’s one suggestion. First, visualize in detail your dream lover . . . your ideal soul mate . . . the embodiment of everything you find attractive. Second, imagine that, though this person feels the same way about you, there is a very good reason why the two of you can’t make love or be together as a couple for a long time. Next, feel the sweet torment of your unquenched longing for each other, the impossible ache of fiery tenderness. Finally, picture all the ways you will work on yourself in the coming years to refine your soul and perfect your love, so that when the two of you can finally be united, you will have made yourself into a gorgeous genius—a pure blessing and exquisite gift for your beloved.

Field Trip

I just booked my flights for a field trip out west in June. Portland, Oregon, for four days and then Denver for three for a wedding.

I made sure that I have a stop-over in Chicago just so that I can be on the ground in all four time zones over the course of the trip, since I’ve never left the eastern one.

I’m excited about this, needless to say, but also a little anxious, too. I’m ever so cautious about money and it feels sort of extravagant to spend so much money on myself. I’m strange, I know. But it’ll be really good for me to get out of this Portland for a while and see something new, see if the other Portland is somewhere I really might want to move to….