VD Blizzard ’07

There’s something magical about vegetable soup, salad, and running around in a blizzard drinking champagne with friends and dogs.

Especially if it’s on Valentine’s Day.

Robert Blake


He played Portland last night. It was great. Except for the random hipster/punk kids who insisted on dancing around to music that doesn’t exactly lend itself to dancing around.

Particularly in a rather small, intimate bar.

I saw him play his first show in Portland last year. April, I think. He’s a great bluesy/folksy guitar guy. Mostly, his show is him with his guitar. Last year, I bought his cd ‘A Crowd of Drunken Lovers’ and it served me well for break-up music. His newest cd is called ‘The Beautiful and the Afternoon’–sort of a double cd but not really. The first half is called The Beautiful Night and the second half The Afternoon. Haven’t had a chance to listen to it through yet but he played some of the songs last night and it was certainly what I would expect.

If this troubadour happens through your town, go see him. It’s totally worth it.

Also, a friend of mine told me last night that I’m the opposite of a fag hag. Does that make me a hag fag? I’m not sure what she’s talking about. I mean, it was just me and four girlfriends who went out to the show last night….


I just figured out that when I post a link with this new layout using the Link box in the post form on Blogger, the title of the post becomes the link.

Because that’s an obvious place to put the link.

Um. Yeah.

I’ll try to remember to put links in the body of the post from now on…

I need to go make some curry now.

Under Construction, encore

For the moment, I’m using one of Blogger’s new drag-and-drop templates. I haven’t quite figured out how to get the old haloscan comments working. Though I honestly can’t remember why I started using the haloscan comments to begin with, other than the fact that it let people choose little avatars. And, besides, I’m so inconsistent with posting that almost no one ever comments anymore anyway. So there.