Portland, ME. 2,540 miles

Well, I think it’s safe to say that I’m living in the wrong Portland.

I’m sitting in a café on my last morning in Portland, OR, before heading out this afternoon to Denver for a wedding this weekend. I’ve been here since late Saturday night—effectively Sunday morning and, well, it’s been quite wonderful. The city motto is ‘The city that works.’ Kind of cheesy, yes, but also kind of true. It’s oh so very green; the people are oh so very friendly (even the hipsters are friendly! Williamsburg this isn’t!); there are bikes everywhere; where there aren’t bikes, there’s fabulous mass transit; wonderful coffee; wonderful food; farmers’ markets galore; beautiful weather; strict but very well thought out land planning…

Oh, so, you get the point, right? It adds up to a lot of the things that I would want in a city. And it felt comfortable very soon after I got here.

And now I’m leaving. But I’ll be back.

The next big adventure begins.


Poking dead things with a stick.

So, I clearly haven’t been very good at keeping this thing updated. Nor have I been very good at keeping up with other people’s blogs. Life happens. What can I say?

Less so life and more so work, unfortunately. But, that’s what happens. Work is going well, though and I’m going on vacation at the end of next week. I feel a little not ready for it, actually. There’s a lot of stuff going on with work–new people coming on and old people leaving–while I’m away which is slightly stressful, though I’m sure it’ll work out smoothly enough.

I bought a digital camera finally last week and have been using it like mad. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve owned a camera and I’m quite excited finally to be up to speed again with it. Lots of fun things to play with on it and lots of settings yet to be explored. Needless to say, I’ll be using it a lot while on vacation and posting things up as I have the chance. I’ll maybe try to keep a bit of a travelogue here if I’m not too over-stimulated.

Oh, and where am I going? Portland, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado. I’ll be in Portland for four and a half days and Denver for two days. Wedding in Denver and I’ve been thinking about the other Portland as a potential new destination. I need to get out of Maine and the other side of the country doesn’t seem like such a bad place to end up. But, I’ve never been, so who knows?

Tomorrow marks two years of living in Maine. So much has happened. It’s not been a bad thing for me. I keep telling myself that and telling other people that, as if trying to convince myself. Part of me wonders if perhaps I’ve missed out on things being here and not being somewhere else. But what? It’s such a speculative exercise. Sure it would have been a vastly different two years had I been living somewhere else. But nowhere else really made sense. And so here I have been. We’ll see where life takes me next.