Baby Coffee

Just came across this and since we were talking about coffee cherries in the comments of one of the previous posts, I thought it was appropriate… (PS ‘Geisha’ is the varietal of coffee that is being shown)


Moving On

So…it looks like we may have found a new place to live. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s very reasonably priced.

It’s just not in a neighbourhood that I want to live in. It would be an easy commute for me to both jobs but there’s nothing really in the area. It’s heavily residential. Where I’m living now, I also have an easy commute to both jobs AND there’s stuff to do in the neighbourhood AND it’s super easy and quick to get downtown. Granted, this other place is right near the MAX (that’s the light rail system here in Portland), so it would also be super easy and quick to get downtown. But that doesn’t resolve the lack of other things to do in the neighbourhood.

So it looks like my roommates and I are going to part ways. They’d be fools not to take this place. It’s a really great house. I’d be all for living there if it were in a different neighbourhood–ideally, if it were in the neighbourhood that we’re living in now. But, alas, it’s not.

Either way, this is going to be my fourth address since I’ve lived here–and my fifth one this year. I’ve never moved this much in a year ever. It’s a lot of moving. And I’m ready to be done with it.

Here’s the story…

…of the past little while.

Lots to cover here, kids, so pay attention.

I’ve been quiet, I know. Part of it has been work. Just busy and feeling a little drained. Part of it has been being on antibiotics for the past two weeks (I’m fine, but there’s a story and I’ll get to that). And part of it has just been me doing a lot of thinking and not feeling the need to write about those thoughts here. I think I’ve done enough thinking for the moment, though and am ready to belch forth some words for your consideration.

As you’ll remember, I had been seeing someone who stood me up—twice!—after about six weeks. Well, needless to say, I’m not seeing him any longer. Funny thing about my life, though, is that it likes to throw coincidences at me from time to time. The same day that he stood me up for the second time, it started to burn when I peed. Usually, that’s not a good sign so I went to get it checked out and was told by the totally awesome tranny nurse at the STD clinic that there was a good chance that it was chlamydia. As it turns out, it’s the most common STD in the world and can be cleared up with one dose of antibiotics. Swallow some pills, they send you on your way. While I was there, I had them give me a full STD screening because it had been a while anyway. Results in a week.

A week later, I phone to get my results and everything is all well and good except that they’re able to confirm that I did, indeed, have chlamydia. My symptoms had all gone away so there was nothing to worry about. I did, however, have to contact anyone that I’d had sex with in the last two months. The clinic offered their anonymous service where they call for you but I wanted the satisfaction of calling myself.

My voicemail went something like this: ‘Hi, it’s me. I’m just calling to let you know that I was just tested and treated for chlamydia, which means that there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve got it too. If you call this person at this number at the county clinic, they can get you in and tested and treated for free. There’s no need to call me back I just wanted to do the responsible thing and let you know.’

Of course, he feels the need to call me back. I screen his call. His voicemail isn’t worth much more than the electrons that it was recorded on. Though he asks me to return his call, I have no intention of doing so.

I run into him on the bus the next day and do my best to pretend I’m reading until he finally taps me on my shoulder and I have little choice but to acknowledge him. I tell him that I’m feeling fine and he thanks me profusely for letting him know and says he’s going to go get himself checked out. I go back to my book as soon as he stops talking.

As always seems to be the case, I know how to pick ’em.

Now, the infection itself I really don’t see as too big a deal. As I said above, it’s the most common STD in the world. I could have lived without it, but as long as it’s treated in a timely manner, it’s no big deal. To be honest, I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t had anything like this before. Basically, it’s a urinary tract infection though if it’s in your body long enough, it can get further up into the nether regions.

The whole experience, however, soured me on men more than a little bit—not that this is anything new. Still, I’ve been telling myself, much more as of late, that I really need to focus on me and not anyone else. I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions this year but I did make some New City Resolutions. I’ll get to those below but for now I’ll say that the further proof of my six-week curse as well as the lovely parting gift only furthered my feeling that I need to focus on me for the time being.

Which brings us to two weeks ago. I’ll spare you all the specifics but my symptoms came back and were worse and it was pretty clear that the infection had hung around long enough to get further up into my nether regions. So back to the clinic I went.

This time, I was not so lucky as to get the kick-ass tranny nurse that I saw the first time. Instead, I got one whose initial reaction to my symptoms was testicular cancer.

Perhaps if she’d looked at my case history and listened to what I was telling her, she wouldn’t have jumped immediately to that conclusion. Basically, I argued her out of that diagnosis and got her to give me more antibiotics, which I’m still on. Initially it was 10 days but when I went back for my follow-up, I got extended another 11 for a total of 21. Three whole weeks. Yippee.

(As an aside, somewhat in the nurse’s defence, I am a prime target for testicular cancer right now but I’m pretty in tune with what’s going on down there and surely would have noticed an abnormal lump growing over a period of a few weeks/months and not one that appeared over the course of about 24 hours. So much for sparing you all the details of my symptoms: it was epididymitis. Click the link if you really want to know more.)

So, what is normally something that gets taken care of by one dose of antibiotics has landed me on three weeks of antibiotics. Know what you can’t do when you’re on antibiotics? Drink. Guess what was this weekend? The Oregon Brewers’ Festival. Sigh.

Anyway, as I said above when I mentioned the antibiotics, all is well and good. I still have another week or so of pills but at least it’s not cancer or something else that can’t be cleared up by taking some pills. In the meantime, I’m just gorging myself on yoghurt and thinking about how good that first drink is going to be come August.

Well, this has turned into quite a long post already, hasn’t it? I think it’s probably best to leave it here for now and I’ll write about everything else soon. Actually, that makes a lot of sense since part of what I’ll be writing about is my new schedule for myself, which ties in with the aforementioned New City Resolutions and my attempts to stick to them.


It’s nice to know that people can still shock me once in a while.

I’m writing this from work where I had some suggest that the names of the coffees we sell should be changed to ‘less indigenous-sounding’ names so that people will better be able to understand, pronounce and remember them.

At first I thought he was joking and so I tried joking back suggesting that maybe we could just require everyone to learn Spanish and he persisted with his original suggestion.

I countered by suggesting that it would be like changing a person’s name; he allowed that the original name could remain buy should be underneath the new, easier to prononce and to remember name.

Really? People really still think like this? I mean, I know they do but I thought they all lived somewhere in the middle of a continent, in one town surrounded by a moat.

Food Coma

I just made fish and chips. And onion rings.

With Guinness in the batter. And roasted fingerling potatoes with whole cloves of garlic, salt, pepper and cumin as the chips.

Oh, and did I mention that I made onion rings with Walla Walla onions with the left-over batter. And they were the best onion rings I’ve ever had in my life. Ever.

I should have taken pictures but I didn’t because I’m in way too much of a food coma right now.


After approximately 24 hours of clicking the ‘Check for updates’ button in iTunes after I heard that the update was quietly released early (if you knew where to look), the iPhone 2.0 software is finally installing on my precious little baby. No 3G iPhone for me though my roommates both plan to get one–one of them even ‘accidentally’ dropped her old phone yesterday. She swears it was an accident but I think she’s just trying to justify it to herself.

God, I’m such a dork sometimes. It’s not going to fold my laundry or do the dishes but at least I’ll be able to download instant messenger clients so I can chat from my phone. Because that’s what the world needs.

When we last left our hero…

…he had promised to figure out how to do a proper photo post on here so that he could narrate his journey to the Oregon coast and, the following day, to the Oregon Zoo.

Has he? No, of course he hasn’t. Because he’s been a busy little otter with work and life and national celebratory barbecues, etc.

His journey to the Oregon coast did inspire him to pick up a book about the Lewis and Clark expedition, which he’s been sucked into for the past week and a half, which is also part of the reason that he hasn’t been posting here at all. Incidentally, he, today, reached the point in the expedition that the Corps of Discovery first sighted the Pacific, with those joyful words: ‘Ocian in view; O! The joy!’

Also, reading this book kind of makes him maybe want to try camping. I know, right? Our hero, camping. It’s almost laughable. It only kind of makes him want to try. We’ll see if he ever actually tries it.

Finally, he was quite excited to learn this morning that one of his photos was selected as a semi-finalist to be included in an online travel guide about his new fair city. It was extra exciting because he hadn’t even entered into any kind of contest. He’d been sought out unbeknownst to himself. He won’t get any money for it if his photo is selected, but he’ll still retain all rights to the photo and people will be able to click through to his Flickr account to see the rest of his photos. In case you’re curious, here’s a link to the photo that might get used: Portlandia.

Oh! And some good new on the moving front: our hero gets to keep the same roommates because the house that they were maybe going to take that was in no way convenient for his life has fallen through. Huzzah! Our hero really likes his roommates and their dogs!

And now our hero must sleep because he’s working a double tomorrow.

(Does anyone else feel odd that I just wrote this entire post in the third person?)