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The day started very foggy here in Portland and it looks like it’s going to finish up that way too.

This is my corner. Uhh…not like that. My corner as in this is the corner where I live. That’s not my building, though; my building is behind me.


Tag. You’re it.

I think I need to clean up my tags a bit. Tagging almost everything ‘365’ doesn’t really seem like it’s going to cut it. Probably, I should use additional tags. But I don’t want to go tag crazy. Ideas?


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Another photo from the Arboretum today, though it’s something I’d more expect to see on the sidewalks of Portland, where there are these random rings. I read somewhere that they’re actually surviving horse tie rings though I’m not entirely sure how much I believe that. Still, people have taken to tying up toy horses to them, such as seen here.

I (heart) my city.

Update: The Horse Project


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Bench in Hoyt Arboretum.

I like the moss on the stone sides of the bench. The Arboretum, where the Man and I went for a hike today to visit the redwoods, is up in the West Hills. Higher elevation (500′ – 600′ or so) means that there’s snow whereas the valley floor, where the city is, doesn’t tend to get much.

Two of the best things about Portland are Washington Park, where the Arboretum is, and Forest Park, the largest urban wilderness in North America. They are next door to each other and offer lots of hiking possibilities. And they’re next door to downtown. It only took us 20 minutes to drive there but they are also accessible via public transit fairly easily, which is great for the carless such as myself.


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I made steak and Guinness pie (remember that, Monkey? This is actually the first time I’ve made it since that time that you and Zoe had dinner with Carlos and me!) last night. This is what my kitchen looked like this morning. Not as terrible as after some other things that I’ve made but this was a pretty straightforward affair.

You may notice the empty ricotta cheese container. I had some leftover (I don’t even remember why I bought it originally…but the Man does: pizza) and I also had some leftover puff pastry so I mixed the ricotta with some maple syrup, brown sugar and cinnamon and made some puff pastries for desert. They weren’t too bad. I’d make it sweeter next time but for something that I whipped up in five minutes on a whim, I think it turned out okay.


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This is something that I’ve had to get used to here in Oregon.

In Portland, a Winter Weather Advisory means that it might drop below freezing, that it’ll probably be really windy and there might even be some snow.

I’m used to Winter Weather Advisories meaning about a foot of snow or a Nor’Easter. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.