4/365, originally uploaded by unspeakable_grooviness.

One of the greatest things about Portland, Oregon, is brew pub theatres. What could be better than sipping some delicious craft beer, eating some yummy pizza and watching a movie for $3? (Ok, beer and pizza are extra but the movie is only $3.) The Laurelhurst is one of those theatres. I’ve actually never been to the Laurelhurst though I almost went to see ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’ tonight with the Man and a friend of his.

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so I refused to commit to the movie but I did agree to go for a drink and some food. We ended up just up the street at Beulahland, now gloriously smoke free thanks to the city smoking ban that went into effect on the first.

Breathe in. Hold it. Breathe out.

Sunday night trivia also started back up tonight and I kind of wish I’d gone but I didn’t expect that I was going to go out at all until the Man called. I’m looking forward to getting back into that groove too, especially now that it’ll be smoke free since my team are a bunch of chain smokers.


2 thoughts on “4/365

  1. Pizza and beer is manna from heaven.

    and Vicky Christina Barcelona rocked my world. I say that made for a swell evening!

  2. Manna from heaven indeed. Except I didn’t have any pizza and beer that night, nor did I see the film. I had a tuna melt and Maker’s Mark. And stayed at Beulahland and read ‘The Island of the Day Before’ instead.

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