No, really, I’m alive.

Right. So. Um. I’m way, way, not up to date with this blog or with this 365 photo project. I have a hard time sticking to flossing, what did you expect?

I probably have more than enough photos that I’ve taken since February to fill in the gaps, even if I haven’t actually been strictly taking one per day. But…it seems silly at this point to deluge you with photos to catch up to where I should be. Why not just start posting occasional photos as I have the time and the energy to do so? And why not try, once again, to update this silly blog more regularly?

So, what have I been up to?

Well, I’m still working on finding a new job. Along the way, I’ve hit total burn out mode with my current positions, which is pretty shitty. I’ve never actually come to this point with any job I’ve had before. Sure I’ve had my frustrations but never have I hit the ‘I don’t care’ point. I should note that my ‘I don’t care’ point is probably a little different from some other people’s ‘I don’t care’ points—having been blessed/cursed with an absurd Protestant/New England work ethic it mostly means that I’m getting the job done but am not really willing to put a lot of above and beyond effort into things that I don’t perceive to have much pay off for me. For example, I’m very unlikely at this point to take ten minutes to explore our coffee selection with you if you have no idea what kind of beans you want to buy. I’ll show you where the descriptions are and maybe point out my favourite but don’t expect me to talk romantically to you about how amazing this farm or that is (they are amazing, but you’ll just have to take the label’s word for it).

That I have come to this point so quickly is a bit of a surprise to me and I’m not sure I can exactly put my finger on why. It’s true that I’m working two jobs but I’m only working about 45 hours a week which isn’t that much. It’s certainly enough, though. The two doubles I pull a week don’t exactly help things. I took yesterday morning off from one of my jobs, and it was wonderful. Normally, Monday is one of the days that I work a double (in addition to being my Friday). Knowing that I didn’t have to work in the morning made my Sunday afternoon and evening rather enjoyable and made my evening shift yesterday rather bearable since I wasn’t already exhausted from having been slinging coffee for six hours already.

I’m a little frustrated that I’ve burned out as quickly as I have, especially considering that I moved here in order to work in coffee. I suspect that part of it has to do with the shop that I’ve ended up working at, which I suspected from the beginning might not be the best fit for me. My immediate coworkers are great but the overall attitude of the shop is a little too haughty for my tastes. All of my frustrations about the place I was working on the East Coast aside, I really did enjoy the idea that we were a neighbourhood shop that wanted to be as welcoming as possible to everyone and not a bunch of preoccupied hipsters who just happened to be standing behind an espresso machine. Which isn’t what my coworkers are. But that’s sort of the atmosphere that we’re encouraged to create. There’s an interesting contrast between how the shop expresses itself and how the employees are encouraged to express the character of the shop by management and ownership.

I’m sure that if I put a wee bit of effort into it, I could find another job in coffee fairly easily, but I don’t really feel as if that’s an option for me anymore. I think my jaunt in coffee has reached its conclusion. No regrets, as I’ve learned a lot and I’ve had the chance to try on a number of different hats over the past few years, but I’m ready for something else now. Please? It’d be nice to have a job that lets me sit down maybe even for just part of the time during the day rather than being on my feet all the freaking time. So, this economy can turn around any time soon; or, any of the jobs that I’ve recently applied for can decide at the very least to give me an interview. Ok? Thanks.

In other news, summer is here in Oregon. And summer means long days with lots of sunlight, very little rain, and perfect temperatures. It also means lots of time spent outdoors. I never used to be very excited by the prospect of spending time away from the comforts of civilisation but the more time I do, the more I appreciate it. The photo accompanying this post was taken from on a hike that the Man and I did two weekends ago on Wind Mountain, about an hour east of the city. And I think he’s finally worn me down enough to get me to try out camping at some point this summer. I even bought a book about how to camp called ‘The Happy Camper’. I’m a dork. I know.

Oh! And I joined a gym! I had to face up to the fact that I was starting to get fat and the obvious option was to stop eating so many bagels which, well, wasn’t really an option, because I love bagels. But, I also was really itching to get a little more physical activity into my life. I’d tried running last year and enjoyed it more than I thought I would but my knees didn’t really agree with my brain about how great running was. The eliptical machine is my new best friend. And I’ve been doing weights as well. My plan is to look like Fabio for my high school reunion next year. It seems like a reasonable goal. Hopefully my hair will be long enough and I’ll have saved up enough money to keep my body glistening with oil by the time the reunion rolls around.

I feel like I always end up making these posts too long so maybe I should top here. And maybe I’l actually get around to posting again sometime soon. Hopefully I’ll soon have some good news to post about. 🙂