Working on something…

Yeah, really. I am. I’m working on a post. Except that I’m at work right now and all day, so I probably won’t get it posted until tomorrow. This is just a quick little something-something to tide you over.

It’ll be a post about how wonderful Portland is and how nice my Man is and how much I’m enjoying summer this year–for the first time in a long while. Well, not that I ever really had a bad summer; just, this summer has been really good!

The Man and I went to a free concert in Washington Park last night with his dad who was visiting. It was lovely. More details later when I get around to writing the full post.

Also, while I’m working on that, do you all have any requests for what I should write about here? Does anyone care? Random ramblings? Should I have some kind of focused topic? Is anyone even reading this anymore? Anyone?…Anyone?


2 thoughts on “Working on something…

  1. I’m reading this!! I like hearing your random ramblings and I am really enjoying your posts about your new state! It seems really pretty there.

    I am sorry you’re burning the candle at both ends, Young One. It’ll even out at some point I am sure!

    Please keep posting 😉

  2. I read your blog every time it’s updated, and I’m always reminded what a good writer you are. Topics? I like following your quest for the “job” and hearing about life in Portland. Why not toss out some daily character sketches about the people who frequent your coffee havens. There must be a ton of material there.

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