Moving On

So…it looks like we may have found a new place to live. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s very reasonably priced.

It’s just not in a neighbourhood that I want to live in. It would be an easy commute for me to both jobs but there’s nothing really in the area. It’s heavily residential. Where I’m living now, I also have an easy commute to both jobs AND there’s stuff to do in the neighbourhood AND it’s super easy and quick to get downtown. Granted, this other place is right near the MAX (that’s the light rail system here in Portland), so it would also be super easy and quick to get downtown. But that doesn’t resolve the lack of other things to do in the neighbourhood.

So it looks like my roommates and I are going to part ways. They’d be fools not to take this place. It’s a really great house. I’d be all for living there if it were in a different neighbourhood–ideally, if it were in the neighbourhood that we’re living in now. But, alas, it’s not.

Either way, this is going to be my fourth address since I’ve lived here–and my fifth one this year. I’ve never moved this much in a year ever. It’s a lot of moving. And I’m ready to be done with it.


When we last left our hero…

…he had promised to figure out how to do a proper photo post on here so that he could narrate his journey to the Oregon coast and, the following day, to the Oregon Zoo.

Has he? No, of course he hasn’t. Because he’s been a busy little otter with work and life and national celebratory¬†barbecues, etc.

His journey to the Oregon coast did inspire him to pick up a book about the Lewis and Clark expedition, which he’s been sucked into for the past week and a half, which is also part of the reason that he hasn’t been posting here at all. Incidentally, he, today, reached the point in the expedition that the Corps of Discovery first sighted the Pacific, with those joyful words: ‘Ocian in view; O! The joy!’

Also, reading this book kind of makes him maybe want to try camping. I know, right? Our hero, camping. It’s almost laughable. It only kind of makes him want to try. We’ll see if he ever actually tries it.

Finally, he was quite excited to learn this morning that one of his photos was selected as a semi-finalist to be included in an online travel guide about his new fair city. It was extra exciting because he hadn’t even entered into any kind of contest. He’d been sought out unbeknownst to himself. He won’t get any money for it if his photo is selected, but he’ll still retain all rights to the photo and people will be able to click through to his Flickr account to see the rest of his photos. In case you’re curious, here’s a link to the photo that might get used: Portlandia.

Oh! And some good new on the moving front: our hero gets to keep the same roommates because the house that they were maybe going to take that was in no way convenient for his life has fallen through. Huzzah! Our hero really likes his roommates and their dogs!

And now our hero must sleep because he’s working a double tomorrow.

(Does anyone else feel odd that I just wrote this entire post in the third person?)

Quick moving update.

So…one of my roommates clients has a house that she has been using as a rental that she wants to sell and has offered it to my roommate and her husband as a rent-to-buy situation. It’s an adorable little house and a fantastic opportunity for them. And they still want me to live with them.

Except that the house is in nowhere that is in any way convenient for me to live unless I were to buy a car and that’s really not something that I want to do considering how expensive gas is, never mind the fact that I right now am paying $65 a month for my bus pass and don’t particularly want to quadruple that amount just to pay for gas, never mind insurance.

Um, so, yeah.

I’m also angry with the boy that I’ve been seeing because we were maybe going to go out Friday night and were pretty definitely going to go out last night except that he never called or responded to my texts until this morning when he phoned to say that he was really hung over and was wondering how I was doing since it’d been a couple of days since we’d last spoken.

Good thing this arrived in a box from Maine a few days ago.

Moving. Again.

Yes. It’s true. I’m going to be moving. Again. Probably not until September, though.

We found out today that our landlord wants to move back into the house, which means that we have to go, which is sad for us. Especially considering all of the work that my roommates have put into the back yard! (I’ll post some pictures at some point.)

But, we don’t have to move until September. And, actually, we might already have a lead on a place.

The good news is, though, that even though I’ve only been living with them for two months, my roommates want to continue living together, which makes me happy because I want to keep living with them too!

More info as it comes in. Plus, I’ve got a couple of longer posts that are germinating in my mind right now. One of them is about how someone tried to order a caramel macchiato at my coffee shop yesterday and the confused look I gave them.

It’s probably going to incorporate some stuff from an essay that I started writing a while ago about the importance of customer education in specialty coffee/third-wave espresso. It’ll probably meander a bit into why I think being a snob can sometimes be a good thing, too. But it’s still just a germinating seed right now. I’ll see if I have time over the next week to write it out and get it ready to put up on the page.