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This is a photo of Dan Savage. I swear.

So, Portland’s mayor, Sam Adams, got himself into a bit of a pickle. Three years ago he had a brief romantic relationship with a young man who was, then, just barely 18. Sam was, then, 42. Two years ago, as his campaign for mayor was just starting, someone began floating rumours about this relationship. Sam denied them and insisted that it never been anything more than a friendship. The rumours eventually dissipated and Sam sailed to an easy victory to become the first openly gay mayor of an American city in the top 40 population-wise.

Two weeks ago, he admitted that he had lied. That the relationship had in fact been romantic and, indeed, sexual but that it had not become sexual until the young man in question had turned 18 (the age of consent in Oregon).

Awkward to say the least, especially when you’ve only been mayor for 20 days and have been involved in city politics for over 15 years.

Well, people called for him to resign and people called for him to stay.

I went to a rally in his support and sang along with the rest of the crowd ‘Stand by your Sam.’ Dan Savage, author of Savage Love, made the trip down from Seattle where he lives to speak in support of Sam as well.

Now, I admit, it sucks that he lied and I really wish he hadn’t. At the same time, his personal life is really none of my or anyone else’s business to the extent that it doesn’t impact his ability to be mayor. If he dates a younger man, well, I don’t think that has any impact on his ability to be mayor.

Perhaps he should have known better. The young man’s name is Beau Breedlove (really? really) and after he named his dog Lolita.

I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions from that.


A new day

I forgot to mention that my fair city of Portland, Oregon, woke up with a new mayor yesterday. Hizzonah Sam Adams will be the city’s first openly gay mayor. This also makes Portland the largest city in the country to be headed up by an openly gay man.

(WordPress is being grumpy and doesn’t seem to want to let me add an photo of our new mayor. Google him. He’s kind of dashingly hot in a very dorky, Portland, thick-rimmed glasses kind of way.)