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Top of the falls, looking down. The viewing platform doesn’t quite let you get a sense of how far down it is from this angle. That water is dropping over 500 feet down. It’s pretty spectacular.



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I have a thing for taking photos of signs. Especially signs that seem, to me, unnecessary. Like this one.

In general, signs are interesting to me because they’re all around us. We are, still, an extremely textual culture. And yet, there are so many signs that most people don’t read or notice or consider as objects worthy of consideration.


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Postcard shot of Multnomah Falls. Just half an hour east from Portland is the Columbia River Gorge, home to the largest concentration of waterfalls in the entire world. Amazing sightseeing and hiking abound.

Multnomah is, I believe, the tallest. It’s also the one that is most heavily visited. The Man and I hiked up to the top yesterday. It was sunny in town and we were hoping that it was going to be sunny in the Gorge too. But it wasn’t. Alas.